Mattia Building Contractors Inc since 1971

Mattia Builders has been there for their clients at the Jersey Shore for generations – both your family and ours! Our island office location in Lavallette has been the same since 1987. We have recently opened our second location in Toms River in 2022.

We take great pride in the strong community bonds that we have formed over the years. Our ties to the community now span three Mattia generations. The trust that local families have for us is greatly appreciated and valued. We have worked with several generations of the same families! We were among the first to build second stories on beach bungalows as families grew. We became the first to develop beautiful, useful designs for the now-elevated homes. We strive to continue to meet and exceed our client’s expectations by creating beautiful and useful living spaces.

Outside of our quality product, we credit some of our success to the fact that most of our employees and subcontractors have been with us for over a decade. Some have been with us for thirty years! Our network of employees and subcontractors ensures that you are getting a strong, quality home built the Mattia way every time.

Our projects are delivered on time and fully complete. We understand the importance of the time spent at the shore. While many contractors have come and gone in the years after Superstorm Sandy, we have continued to consistently deliver strong, quality homes and plan to do so for the years to come!

Long before the harsh blow dealt by Sandy, using strong, durable, and quality materials has been our top priority. Our network of vendors and suppliers continues to provide us with the most reliable, up-to-date materials and technical training. The materials used are designed to withstand the test of time. Many products we offer are designed with shore living in mind!

The Mattia family has been in this industry for years! We have extensive knowledge of local land use ordinances and building codes. Owner and founder Sal Mattia was the Toms River Township Planning Board chairman for many years. Following his tenure in Toms River, he also became the chairman of the Seaside Park Planning Board. Sal continues to pass his knowledge down to the next generations. We take great pride in building with standards that meet and exceed the local building codes. We proudly boast that our homes stood up to the most powerful storm known in generations and that many of our clients and their families have built or remodeled with us years later!


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