Mattia Building Contractors Inc since 1971

Mattia has been there for its clients at the Jersey Shore for generations and our location has been the same since 1987.

We take pride in the strong bonds we have created in the community over the years and appreciate the trust that local families have for us.

Some of our success comes from the fact that the majority of our employees and subcontractors have been with us for more than a decade, some over twenty-eight years. That ensures you are getting a strong, quality home built the Mattia way every time.

Our projects are on time and complete. While many contractors have come and gone due to the impact of Superstorm Sandy, we have consistently delivered strong, quality homes.

Long before the harsh blow dealt by Sandy we strived to use the most durable and strongest materials to withstand the shore climate and keep maintenance simple. We were the first to build second stories onshore bungalows as families grew and we become the first to develop beautiful useful designs for elevated homes.

As chairman of the Toms River Township
Planning Board for many years and now of
Seaside Park, Sal Mattia has a great knowledge of land use and implements this into our homes. Built with standards exceeding the building codes our homes stood up to the most powerful storm known in generations. We proudly boast that many of our families have built or remodeled with us and later we built additions or homes for their family members.


Custom Homes, Remodeling, Kitchens, Additions