"I was a homeowner affected by Superstorm Sandy-probably at the worst time of my life. With so many decision fears, and loss of control I made the choice to ask Mattia Builders to build my house. They took all my concerns and worries handled my permits and more importantly listened to me. No matter how much I called or emailed they were there for me. We all know about communication and how important it is to all of us. I now have a beautiful home and they still are there for me when I call. Their help and assistance in making design choices as well as giving me reassurance when I needed it was invaluable. Their entire staff is a pleasure to work with and I know they will be there if I need them."
Edie P.
Ortley Beach
My husband and I chose Mattia Building Contractors to build or dream home at the beach. Not only did they listen to what we wanted they completed the project on time without any issues. As an interior decorator, my need for architectural interest was met with impeccable detail. They were eager to make sure every component of the design was completed as I had asked for. I have since recommended them to others who are just as satisfied. The integrity of Mattia’s workmanship has impressed everyone who has visited our home!
Terriann & Joe LoVerde
Thank you to Mattia for making the building process so easy! They are true professionals, anticipating everything needed and walking us through every step of the way. Everyone we encountered was knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. The quality of the work speaks for itself. It is obvious that everyone at Mattia takes pride in what they do. We are thrilled with the end results!
Joanne M.
Ocean Beach - Lavallette
From the first time, we met with Mr. Mattia until the finish of our new home. We were not disappointed. Everything from his know-how to the way his staff proceeded. We never had to tell them of any changes more than once. All was done in a timely fashion. He is one of the easiest people to work with, and most importantly, done right! We would highly recommend this contractor.
Tom & Marie P.
Ortley Beach
Words cannot express our gratitude to Mattia Builders and Staff for the beautiful home they constructed for us, following Super Storm Sandy. We were anxious to move into our new home following a year across the bridge. Sal and his crew completed our home on target and were so considerate resulting in a very positive experience. The office girls were knowledgeable and guided us through each phase of the construction. From start to finish everyone we encountered was professional, efficient, friendly, and most of all sensitive to our needs. The result is a comfortable, efficient home that we absolutely love. Thank you!
Ella, Marie & Annie R.
Pelican Island
When it came time to rebuild our home, the wisest decision we made was to go to Mattia Building Contractors. From the demolition of our home, to its completion, it was a seamless experience. Sal, Gina, Jimmy, Lisa, and Raluca guided us through the building process with care and concern. They were with us every step of the way. Their expertise helped us make the right decisions for our family. They were accessible, and always addressed our concerns. The tradesmen were professional and paid attention to detail. This was apparent in our completed home. Our house is beautiful, and has been built soundly to withstand future storms thanks to Mattia Building Contractors. We would highly recommend them.
Frank & Jeanette D.
Sunset Manor
As a result of Superstorm Sandy the only home my parents ever owned was in ruins. My dad passed away about 10 years ago and my mom is handicapped and in her 80’s. As a single woman, I did not know who to turn to or where to begin. I heard horror stories about homeowners being taken advantage of by unscrupulous builders. However, once I met with Sal and Gina Mattia they put my mind at ease. I felt as if I were in good hands with an honest, established, and reputable contractor. I have always been someone who values quality over quantity and I am extremely pleased with the incomparable workmanship Mattia contractors provided. Everyone who enters our beach cottage compliments us on the exquisite job they did. Mattia delivered a superior home and by the time the project was complete, I felt like part of their family. My mom and I can honestly say that it was a pleasure having them do this project. Everyone we worked with from demolition to plumbing to electrician to tile was professional and courteous. There was not a single problem that arose which Sal, Gina, Lisa, Jimmy, or Raluca could not resolve. After being devastated by the worst storm in the history of NJ, I never thought the nightmare would end. I look around as the Jersey Shore continues its struggle to revitalize and I feel so happy and blessed that I chose to sign with Mattia Contractors. You guys ROCK!!
Sue S.
Ortley Beach
Hurricane Sandy forced us to make some very difficult decisions, but the best decision we made was choosing Mattia Builders for our contractor. From the beginning, it never felt like a business deal, but rather dealing with friends who really cared about making us happy. They handled everything and made it a very pleasant experience. Sal dealt with the association and helped with the plans while Gina handled the insurance and all forms and permits. Lisa, the design expert, helped us choose everything and even came to the stores to help us choose what we needed. Rae was always available and would stay on top of everything. Unlike other businesses, every call was returned. Jimmy, the project manager, went above and beyond by sending us pictures of our house under construction when we were in Florida. He wanted us to experience every aspect of the project. They all killed themselves to get us in so we didn’t have to lose another summer. When you look around, most of the occupied new homes have a Mattia sign. Some of my friends have chosen other builders and are living a nightmare while we had such a wonderful experience. I love my beautiful house and my new friends at Mattia builders.
Karen and Jack B.
Are you planning to build a new home down the Jersey Shore and are feeling anxious and confused? Well that was exactly how I was feeling and then I met and signed a contract with Mattia Building Contractors. I have never once regretted that decision. The entire staff is honest, caring, intelligent and extremely supportive. Sal constantly amazed me by his knowledge of every rule and regulation involving Toms River. He wants your home to be perfect as much as you do. The workers he hires are competent and professional. Gina and Rae explain everything and go above and beyond to help and support you no matter the area of concern. Lisa, the interior designer, has wonderful ideas and expertise concerning color and style. Jim, the project manager, can’t do enough to please you. His attitude, proficiency and skills are fantastic. Thank you Sal, Gina, Rae, Lisa and Jimmy and all the other workers for all your hard work and efforts that you made on my behalf. “I love my home”!
Anne L.
Sunset Manor
Choosing Mattia Builders for our home was the right choice for us. Building a house is always going to warrant some stressful times. However, everyone at Mattia worked together to be able to alleviate the stress and allow us to rest easy. The quality and professionalism they showed made our experience go smoothly. Being a family-owned business is another reason why building our home was such a pleasure. Mattia took as much pride in building our home as we now have to own it. It is a wonderful feeling to hear “your house is beautiful!” as people stroll by.
Nancy & Chris H.
South Seaside Park
As a result of Superstorm Sandy, Bob was involved in a demolish and new home construction, and I had to endure a house lift and rebuild. After the experience we had with our builders we decided to look for someone else when we wanted to sell those homes and build a new home in Lavallette. We chose Mattia Builders. We cannot say enough about this company. For us it was a terrific fit. Mattia Builders is a one-stop shop. They handle and coordinate everything from architecture and engineering plans, through all phases of construction. Everything was laid out from day one. If we were told something would be done on a specific day it was either done that day or in some instances earlier. In the rare event that there was a delay, we received a phone call in advance detailing the reason for the delay, and an updated schedule. The original time estimate from Sal Mattia was seven months with a move-in date around mid-May, 2018. The actual move-in date was April 1, 2018. The architect was easy to work with, and open to consider anything we wanted. Their employees offered suggestions during the construction that made the home better, and were implemented without a problem. In the office, Sal, Gina and Rae, were on top of scheduling and coordinating the subcontractors and material. Jim Brenner was on-site coordinating all phases of construction. They are the best and they all were informed and right on top of things. All the subcontractors were professional, courteous and excellent tradesmen. The difference between our two building experiences in unmeasurable. Mattia offers excellent, quality construction and backs it up 100%. If we ever build another house they will absolutely be our builder of choice. Thank you, Sal, Gina, Rae, Jim, and gang – We love our house.
Barbara Donnelly & Bob Zachok
Jersey Shore